About Us

Who We Are

Rohingya Crisis Foundation (RCF) is an international non-profit and charitable organisation that established on 2nd of November 2015 by a group of dedicated Rohingya people who came in the UK through home office gateway protection programme in 2008. Our members have first-hand experience of persecution themselves or their family in Myanmar and experience of refugee life in Bangladesh.

Rohingya people have been persecuted over many decades in Myanmar by the extremist Buddhists and Myanmar government. In 2017, the world witnessed thousands of Rohingya refugees fleeing conflict and oppression and risking lives to travel to foreign countries in search of safety and a better life. As a non-profit organisation RCF is committed to helping vulnerable Rohingya and refugee in need.

We are supported through a vast network of volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds, RCF organises projects locally and internationally, which promote health & well-being, and education of vulnerable displaced Rohingya refugees. In doing this, RCF raise awareness of the Rohingya crisis and inspire others to support our campaign. Feedback and reports collected from our projects aim to give a truthful insight into the struggle and challenges of many Rohingya refugees as well as the impact of our continued support to tackle the protracted Rohingya crisis.

As part of our advocacy, we communicate and collaborate with other national or international organisations that already involved in tackling the Rohingya crisis. We are also open to partnership with different stakeholders in order to transform the lives of Rohingya people.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to protect the fundemental human rights of Rohingya children and to enable them to get access to formal quality education so that they can achieve their potential and be positive change-makers in their families and communities.